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Advice On Buying Convertibles

Should I buy a convertible? It’s the ultimate personal decision, but let’s take a look at the practicalities and bust a few myths along the way. People buy convertibles¬†for one of three reasons: they like the idea of open-top motoring; or they like the idea of other people thinking they like the idea of open…
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Service Quality Checklist

Good service is vital to the success of any tourism business, and the first step to improving service quality is to make it a priority.¬†Incorporating service quality into every part of your business – from your overall vision and strategy, to practical aspects like staff training, customer service and workplace systems and procedures – will…
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Staffing Trends For 2017

The following staffing industry trends stem from the performance, strategies, and expectations of 1,256 agency recruiting professionals throughout 2015. Based on our survey results, firms of all sizes will be lending their focus to three key factors in the coming year. Reliance on repeat customers is becoming a resounding wake-up call for staffing firms. They…
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